15 things only people who live with a whisky geek would understand

There are certain things every Whisky geek does in the privacy of their own homes, and if you’re a person who lives with a Whisky geek, you get a rare glimpse into the Secret Life of Whisky Drinkers. 1. The Whisky Cabinet is the most important piece of furniture in the house It holds all […]

Top Whisky Bars in Dubai

Whisky is every where, so when you’re in one of the richest cities in the world, why not look for a classy place to rest your feet and enjoy your favourite drams.   Nippon Bottle Club People probably walk past the entrance to Nippon Bottle Company everyday without ever realising it.  Like many speakeasies that […]

Top 10 Whisky Ambassadors to Follow on Twitter

Brand ambassadors show us the best side of the products they promote and are always in with the newest releases. It helps to keep a close eye on such ambassadors, as it can be easy to discern the direction a brand is taking through what their ambassadors are doing. We’ve rounded up the Top 10 […]

Women in the Whisky World – From Female Distillers and Beyond

It seems like everywhere these days people are trying to be more inclusive and encourage diversity. Championing Women in the Whisky world is no different. Why does it matter? The change has even touched the world of Whisky, and we are seeing women and their contributions being celebrated across the industry. Of course in an […]

Top 10 Whisky Ambassadors on Instagram

Instagram is the best social network to get to know the human faces behind the brands. Through the various Whisky brand ambassadors that can be found on Insta, we are given a great look into the world of Whisky and the vast array of culture and experiences that truly make it great. Here is a […]

The Importance of Whisky Tasting

Every Whisky drinker knows that Whisky tasting is the gateway into any dram. So why do we content ourselves to only taste the predictable, supermarket-shelf bottles? There is a whole world of Whisky out there and tasting it can give you a glimpse beyond what you already know. Whisky tasting can lead into new areas […]

Top 10 Whisky Cocktails

Everyone loves a dram of Whisky neat or with a dash of water.  But what about   Old Fashioned Why not start with the tried and tested Old Fashioned?  This cocktail has been around since sometime in the 1800s and has made its name in the cocktail world.  Rising and falling inpopularity during its long […]

The Difference Between Cask Strength Whisky and Bottling Strength Whisky

Have you ever picked up a cask strength whisky and thought, what does that even mean? Well you’re definitely not the only one. I’m sure a lot of you have long wondered at what exactly “cask strength whisky” means. But fear not, for Great Drams is here to clear all your cask strength whisky woes! What is […]

Top Tips when buying Whisky as a Gift

Choosing the right gift for that special someone can be daunting, but when they enjoy a dram or two, it can be even more daunting in the face of countless numbers of different Whisky brands and categories. Do they like single malt or blends?  What about smoky or sweet?  Scotch or Bourbon?  These are the […]

Glenfiddich 30 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky Review

A legend in the Whisky world, this titan of Scotch is full of flavour. Aged to Perfection The age statement on this malt is truly something to behold. The Glenfiddich 30 Year lives up to its years. Glenfiddich do not shy away from bold age statements and also have a 40 year old and a […]