Best Bourbon for Under £40

If America has ever done one thing right, it is definitely the creation of Bourbon.You gotta give it them, they do make the best Bourbon! This sweet, warming liquid has had a massive influence on the way Whiskies around the world are crafted and add a rich history to America’s past. And you don’t have […]

Best Bourbons for Beginners

Everyone needs to start somewhere, and with Bourbon, there’s no bad place to start. We’ve brought together a list of some of the best Bourbons for beginners to really get stuck into. These are ideal for learning about what makes a class Bourbon.   1. Buffalo Trace, £24.45  One of the best Bourbon brands around, […]

Buffalo Trace Distillery Story

One of the most well-known and loved distilleries in America, Buffalo Trace Distillery in Kentucky has a long and interesting history. Whiskey Legacy The Buffalo Trace distillery started out as the Old Fire Copper Distillery and was owned by Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor Jr. Taylor was a legend in the Whiskey industry, but when he […]