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A wonderful gift for any whisky enthusiast, old or new, I weave together anecdotes and historical accounts from the annals of over 40 different distilleries to form a casual, conversational book that brings the history of whisky to life.

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The GreatDrams of Scotland is a wonderful gift for any whisky enthusiast, old or new, I weave together anecdotes and historical accounts from the annals of over 40 different distilleries to form a casual, conversational book that brings the history of whisky to life.

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The art of storytelling is alive and well in the hands of Greg Dillon as he brings his take on well-chosen whisky tales from the past and present, separating the facts from the fiction. His love of whisky drips through every chapter, and is authentic, incisive and entertaining. Serve this book up with a generous measure of Scotch by your side
– Colin Dunn, Diageo Reserve Whisky Ambassador

This is The Great Drams of Scotland – an epic yet elegant journey through the rich history of Scotch. This book will take you to twenty-eight different distilleries and twenty-three brands, to discover the legend and the history, the fact and the fiction behind this spectacular spirit.

Written by a true whisky-lover, Brand consultant, award-winning writer and blogger, Greg Dillon invites the reader through tales dating as far back as the fifteenth century, right up to present day, chronicling brands that have contributed to the overall global success of Scotch whisky. Bursting with information, the book decodes labels and demystifies malts and blends, so you can tell your Aberlour from your Ardmore, your Kilchoman from your Kininvie.

So whether you enjoy it neat, mixed, shaken, stirred or over rocks, sit back, relax and immerse yourself into the wonderful world of whisky. With tasting notes and mats, interviews, amazing stories, hidden gems, the odd secret and a whisky pairing in each chapter, this book is bang up to date for whisky enthusiasts everywhere.

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4 reviews for Buy the The GreatDrams of Scotland book, by Greg Dillon

  1. Ann (verified owner)

    Very well written , illustrated and informative . Congratulations for your first book

  2. Tim Hain (verified owner)

    The first thing I did was flip through the book and with a rather indignant “harrumph” wonder “where’s my Lagavulin?” which for me is the dram that started my journey – a giant and a personal favourite . However, I was totally missing the point! I’m sure Greg loves this brand as much as I do, and he does declare near the end, that the 23 brands featured were picked from a possible 104, and no doubt ( I hope! ) the Lag was on that list!

    I know from writing songs that sometimes it’s the cleverest lyric you have to omit to serve the song. And this book certainly sings its own eminently catchy tune.

    The brands chosen perfectly serve the final result…and also encourage me to try whiskies I’ve previously ignored or passed over. It features a good blend of the “obvious” ( Laphroaig Cask Strength ) And the more obscure ( Kininvie 23 ). I feel like I’m being taken on an intimate distillery tour with a small bunch of convivial enthusiasts, including whisky legends Richard Patterson and Fred Laing, by our warm, friendly, and knowledgeable host.

    I have not come across a whisky book which is simultaneously so well-informed and yet so delightfully informal. And above all, hugely enjoyable. I am not besieged with technical facts, but offered just enough. It is rather the author’s passion for a whisky, and why, which takes precedence, and makes the book particularly engaging with its anecdotes and tasting notes. It is also beautifully illustrated, with bottles, distillery scenes, and landscapes ( Not to mention the author’s smiling bearded boat-race to remind me that I’m in good hands!)

    I am not a great reader. I like books which I can pick up, open anywhere, read a bit, and get on with my day. “The Great Drams Of Scotland” suits my particular brand of illiteracy perfectly. And like any great whisky, it leaves me wanting more, and I inevitably return to it.


  3. Whiskyboy666 (verified owner)

    I bought ‘The Great Drams of Scotland’ as a gift – to myself. Imagine my surprise when the postman dropped if off! Anyway, what a great gift it is – very approachable, informing and not in the least bit stuffy. Full of facts and fun little anecdotes from author Greg Dillon you soon start to feel like you have known him for years. His enthusiasm for all things whisky is catchy and leaves you wanting more.
    The quality of the book itself is superb and gives you an excellent in hand feel.
    If you haven’t guessed yet, I thoroughly recommend you purchase ‘The Great Drams of Scotland’ – even if it is for yourself.

  4. Anthony Collyer (verified owner)

    This book makes a great present for a whisky-loving friend or relative … I have bought more than one for lucky recipients. A great opener to the world of whisky

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