For 17 years now GlenDronach have been releasing the Single Cask series, and this year it was another triumph.


Rachel Barrie has hand selected 14 casks that have been released as part of the series, now in its 17th year. The series offers a nice glimpse into the high quality malt being made at GlenDronach and gives real fans a chance to get to know their flavour profiles extremely well.

Barrie describes this batch in particular, “The batch 17 cask selection truly celebrates the GlenDronach house style; robust, elegant, fruity and full-bodied.”

The releases are split into two regions; Europe, and Asia, Australia, New Zealand & Canada. There is a similar spread of which bottles go where, with big age statements and different maturation methods going to both.

Most of the malt has been matured in Sherry casks but there were also two Port pipes used, bringing in a nice variation.

GlenDronach Batch 17 Cask 416 Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Glendronach 1993 25 416 article

Cask 416 is a 25 Year Old malt that was distilled in 1993. It has been matured in an Oloroso Sherry butt.

It opens with a nose full of sweet nuts and dried fruit. There is a distinctive Christmas cake quality that you can tell comes straight from the Sherry notes. It is moist and well developed. Hints of tobacco and chocolate add a nice sweetness.

The palate is rich and grows the flavours of the nose into fullness. Raisins, dates, figs and a smothering of cinnamon are joined by hazelnuts, marzipan and vanilla. T is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy.

It has a chewy body that really brings the dried fruit out. The raisins are tangy and go perfectly with the spice of the cinnamon.

The finish rounds off with cinnamon and sherry warmth.

This is an excellent malt, but unfortunately for us in the UK, it is also one that was released into Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. If you manage to track one down, we guarantee it’s worth it.

What do you think of the Single Cask series? Let us know in the comments!

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