Whisky and Pancakes; how to enjoy pancake day properly

The British love nothing more than a good pancake. Whether it’s smothered in Nutella or has a sprinkling of sugar and lemon, we go wild for the things. So why not combine Whisky and Pancakes? What’s not to love? Whisky and Pancakes are both versatile, able to bend their magnificent flavour to your every whim […]

Scottish Whiskies: Ten unexpected malts you have to try

There are so many amazing Scottish Whiskies out there it is no wonder some may slip through the cracks. We’ve brought together a list of some incredible Scottish Whiskies out there, from brands and distilleries that you may not have heard so much about in the past. These are definitely worth an exploration into! Deanston […]

5 Myths Whisky Lovers Need to Stop Believing

Whisky has a long and complicated history, so should be no surprise that some whisky myths have grown up surrounding the topic. Clever advertising or general misconceptions can also perpetuate these myths, so we here at GreatDrams have chosen some of the biggest whisky myths to try and put them to rest. 1. Colour is […]

Reviewing the Glenmorangie Original Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Glenmorangie Distillery has been producing malt, like the Glenmorangie Original, since 1843. They are well hidden in the beautiful highlands of Scotland, near the town of Tain. It was founded by William Matheson beside the Dornoch Firth, giving it the perfect backdrop to create some world-class malt, especially perfect for the incredible Glenmorangie Original. They […]

Angel Tears of Joy: 5 Whiskies We’re Glad Didn’t get Enjoyed by the Angels

The Angels can sometimes be quite greedy and take a little bit more than their fair share. For the uninitiated, I’m referring to the process by which some quantity of Whisky evaporates during maturation and is lost, which has come to be known as the Angel’s Share. Here’s a list of Whiskies that we at […]

15 things only people who live with a whisky geek would understand

There are certain things every Whisky geek does in the privacy of their own homes, and if you’re a person who lives with a Whisky geek, you get a rare glimpse into the Secret Life of Whisky Drinkers. 1. The Whisky Cabinet is the most important piece of furniture in the house It holds all […]

Best Bourbon for Under £40

If America has ever done one thing right, it is definitely the creation of Bourbon.You gotta give it them, they do make the best Bourbon! This sweet, warming liquid has had a massive influence on the way Whiskies around the world are crafted and add a rich history to America’s past. And you don’t have […]

Royal Salute Lost Blend 21 Year Old Peated Scotch Whisky

The first peated whisky to be added to the Royal Salute core range, The Lost Blend is an excellent addition to the brand. Honouring Lost Distilleries The issue of “lost” distilleries seems to be coming up all the time these days. From Diageo re-opening Port Ellen and Brora to a whole brand basing themselves off […]

BenRiach Batch 16 Cask 3791

Master Blender Rachel Barrie has brought together and exciting new batch of cask strength malts from BenRiach. Family Traditions Barrie has definitely earned the title Master during her time in the Scotch industry. She has been working in the industry for 27 years, having held positions at both Glenmorangie and Morrison Bowmore. Now she is […]